Myra and Jim

Infinite AR - Episode 29725

Myra couldn't stop thinking about finding a guy for herself after that last change. She thought about the lonely nights she had experienced and how she wished to be a mother. Looking down the path she saw her neighbors Jim and Katie. She had always been a little jealous of Katie for finding such a good man and having a nice family. If only she could have a man as handsome and smart as Jim. She looked at the device in her hand and thought. If she changed Katie into a little girl she could step in and take Jim. She struggled with thoughts of guilt for thinking such a thing. But Katie would be able to live a carefree life as a littl girl right? And she could be her mother and give her a happy life. Thinking about this Myra resolved herself and walked closer to the two. She had a feeling that with the reality change she should be as close to Jim as possible. Jim noticed Myra and began to greet her as she fired on Katie. She watched as Katie shrank down. Her breasts receeded into her chest completely. Signs of aging left her face as she lost height and weight. Myra noticed that something different than the other changes was taking place. She watched as Katie's skin began to darken to a shade close to her own if only a little lighter. Her weight shifted as her figure took on a slight pear shape similar to Myra's own and her hair darkened and her eyes changed to brown. When Myra was finished she looked down at a 6 year old Black version of her neighbor. "There you are honey" Jim said "I see you found my device. Katie is getting tired of the park and wants to go home. Why don't we go back and when Wendy gets back she can babysit while we try out the device some more?"

  1. Myra goes with her new husband to their home
  2. Wendy meets up with her parents in the park
  3. Myra tests out the device with her new husband later
  4. Myra stays in the park to change more people
  5. Something else

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