A New Chance

Infinite AR - Episode 29712

Myra felt bad for this woman. She herself had herself had been thinking earlier how she wished she had been able to find a man to settle down with. Maybe if this poor woman just had some extra time she would be able to find her someone. Readying the device Myra fired at the woman. "If only I had been a little more free spirited in my youth" the woman said as her grey hair began to regain its blonde color. As wrnkles receeded and she reentered her fifties she mused "If I had been more open about trying to find someone rather than focusing so much on work and deadlines I'd be happier" as if these words seemed to guide her personality as she got younger her thoughts began to change. "I'm happy where I am in the firm right now. Why don't I try my luck at one of those bars? I doubt anybody would want someone this old though." She said as she started going through her thirties in reverse. Her breasts rose higher on her chest. Her butt began to firm as her slight belly tucked in to leave smooth skin. "I've got my whole life to reach my goals but I want someone beside me. I wonder if that guy in my calc class is into me. I always catch him sneaking glances. He'd better make a move before graduation though. Maybe I should just take the initiative?" The now 22 year old college girl mused. Myra was happy. This woman had a second chance to find love. It made Myra long to have someone in her own life though.

  1. Myra decides to do something about her own love life
  2. Myra decides to help someone else at the park
  3. Myra runs into Wendy and her friends
  4. Myra sees Jim and Katie
  5. Myra goes somewhere else

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