Jim and Katie reaquire their device

Infinite AR - Episode 29704

"Are you sure you dropped it around here honey?" Katie asked her husband as they scanned the ground. "I'm positive, I didn't realize it until we were halfway across the park that I actually dropped it." Jim confessed. "Well this is why you shouldn't take it around with you like it was a cell phone or something. Somebody might accidentally use it and who knows what havoc could ensue." Katie said to her husband. While neither one of them knew that their neighbor and friend, Miss Myra had used the device not long ago and abandoned it. They weren't aware either that just that morning, the two of them had been siblings and their parents and grandparents had been themselves. But now thanks to Jim's device, their mother, Wendy, was now their daughter, and her best friend was Danielle or Dani, who had once been their grandmother. Not only that, Wendy was dating George who in reality was her father, and Pete was dating Dani, who was actually her son-in-law. However due to the frequent use of Jim's device numerous times, their memories were being rewritten. "Honey, I found it!" Jim exclaimed with relief. "Oh, thank god." Katie sighed with relief too. "Come on, let's go home." Jim said as he kissed his beloved "wife".

  1. Jim and Katie head home
  2. Miss Myra confronts them about the device
  3. Wendy and her friends confront them about the device
  4. Jim accidentally points the device at Katie's stomach and she becomes pregnant
  5. Something Else

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