Myra just can't do it

Infinite AR - Episode 29703

Myra looked at the device on the ground again and looked around at the other people in the park. She knew if someone else found the device, they might do something even worse than what she did to the now age swapped mother and daughter. "I can't risk it, I've got to keep this thing with me at all times." Myra said to herself as she picked up the device again. "But then, why should I really have this thing at all, what good could I possibly do with it?" Myra asked herself. She walked around for a while and began to observe some people that she thought may need some help. She saw a nine year-old boy with his mother who looked really distressed. "Mommy? Why are you so sad today?" The boy asked. "No reason honey, it's just that 8 years ago today was the last time I ever saw your father, before he left for good." The mother answered. Not far away from them was an old woman who was babbling to herself. "I go through days and days saying I don't need a man in my life, then boom, I'm old and alone." On a bench there were two middle-aged women who were talking to each other. "It just feels like I don't know her anymore." One woman said. "I know what you mean, my daughter's also a junior in high school and yet there are things she does that she doesn't want to tell me about." The other woman replied. Myra realized that there could be a good use for this device she found after all. So now Myra decided to use it on...

  1. The Mother and Son
  2. The Old Woman
  3. The Two Middle-Age Women
  4. Someone else in the park
  5. Myra decided to leave the park

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