5 year-old with an age changing device

Infinite AR - Episode 29701

Grace was feeling sad that Auntie Myra couldn't go to the zoo with her and Mommy Melanie. It was still early in the day, so they wouldn't go to the zoo for a couple more hours. 'Maybe Auntie Myra will feel better by then, and come with us after all?' she thought to herself. Her mom's voice interrupted the 5 year old's thoughts. "Grace, why don't you go play with some of the other kids for a little while? I'm going to go talk with some of the other mothers by those benches there." "Okay mommy Melanie." she replied. Walking across the park Grace noticed a weird toy she hadn't seen anywhere before. Nobody was around it, and it didn't look like anyone had noticed it was there. Not quite able to make out everything on the toy, due to her limited kindergarten education, she could make out the words age and the + and - signs. Just as Grace was looking over the device she felt a hand touch her shoulder. "What've you got there squirt? Some baby toy? When are you going to grow up?" said an older girl who looked to be about 8. "Why are you always picking on me Courtney? You should be nice like Mommy Melanie and Auntie Myra." Grace responded to the girl that frequently bullied her. "As if I would want to be like them. Miss Myra is a fatty, and my mom says no one likes fat people. That's why Miss Myra can't find a husband like daddy. And your mom is hardly better. After all she has to put up with you everyday, hahaha" Courtney said harshly. Getting angry Grace started crying and raised the device at Courtney trying to be intimidating. "Aw, is the baby gonna cry? What are you gonna do with that toy? hahaha" Courtney laughed. Grace pressed the button hoping water or something would come out and hit Courtney, but was surprised to see a light hit her instead. As the light surrounded the bully she began to get even bigger. Grace wondered how she was doing that. Soon she was growing breasts just like mommy's, but mommy said only big girls have those. Courtney's body began to change further getting taller and developing curves. Grace thought it was funny Courtney was picking on Auntie Myra, but started looking even bigger than her. When Grace stopped pushing the button and the light faded she could barely recognize Courtney. She looked to be around Auntie Myra's age, but looked much bigger. Her belly was huge! It took up most of her front. Grace saw Courtney's breasts sagged heavily resting on top of her stomach. She had thick thighs and a large butt. Courtney looked down at the crying girl,and Grace noticed something different about her. She looked concerned? "Grace dear what happened? Why are you crying? Come with me I'll take you back to your mom and we can get this all sorted out." Courtney sad as she lightly took Grace's hand and started leading her back to Melanie. Grace was so happy! This weird toy had made Courtney nice now. She wondered if it would do the same to other people? Maybe she could make new friends her age?

  1. Grace changes some of the mothers
  2. Grace makes some new friends her age
  3. Grace tries to make more mean girls her age nice older women
  4. Melanie decides it is time to take Grace somewhere else
  5. Something Else

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