At the Drive-in

Infinite AR - Episode 29686

Jim and is fifteen year ago mother arrive at the Drive-in to meet Frank and his regressed mother. he started calling her by her first name Jessica in order to prevent confusion. "Jim honey, who are we meeting tonight?" she asked him. "We are meeting my friend Frank and his mom...I mean is girlfriend." he said. Jim remembered that he never know Frank's mother's first name. Jim felt uneasy because Jessica kept holding is arm and squeezing close to his body. Her body was perfect because when she was 15 she was a dancer and gymnast. Her legs and butt were toned and fined for training. Her stomach is flat with a little bit of muscle around her abs. She had perky b-cup breast that was only made rounder with her tight sunny dress she is wearing. Jim tried to keep for looking at her and reminded himself she was his mother. "What is wrong Jimmy, you been quite this whole night?" she asked "Nothing why?" Jim replied. "I dress in this dress and you won't even look at me, am I beautiful to you?" she asked. "No no you're gorgeous," Jim answers. "Then kiss me" she tells him. "OK" he says then gives her a pick on the cheek. "What was that I want a real kiss," she tells him. Then she grabs he head and kisses him deeply. Her tongue goes into his mouth with a great passion than scares Jim at first. Jim slowly gets into the kiss and puts his tongue is her mouth. they stop and she tell Jim that is more like it. "Excuse me," a voice says behind them.

  1. It is Frank and his Girfriend
  2. It is Jim's sister
  3. It is Jim's Aunt
  4. It is the box office attendent
  5. It is Jim's girlfriend

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