A walk away

Infinite AR - Episode 295

Jim walks away from the house. Seems like a perfectly random sort of thing do do, eh Jim? Ringing doorbells and then walking away? How completely childish.

Well it seems like a good day for a walk anyhow. The sky's pretty clear and the birds are singing in the tree tops and the flowers are in bloom. As you walk away from the residential area of Cajole Street you start getting over to the busier side of town and are walking along the busy storefront sidewalks across from City Park.

  1. Walk a bit further along Cajole Street then slowly return back to the house
  2. Keep walking away from 417 Cajole Street
  3. Cross the street and go into the park
  4. Jim chances upon an abandoned factory

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Cleo Kraft

11/16/2005 7:05:41 AM

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