More Potential At The Food Court

Infinite AR - Episode 29459

Jim and Katie took another look around the food court for more people. They noticed a few kids of varying ages walk up to the women they had just changed. Jim wondered how reality had adjusted to have these kids be related to the women. It was unlikely any of them had children already when they had been college students previously. So who were these kids and where did they come from? While Jim was thinking over this Katie saw new people who had potential to be changed. She noticed a young cashier who looked to be about 18 at one of the restaurants. She could tell the girl was playing on her phone thinking no one could see her, or maybe she just didn't care. When a customer did ask the girl for his order Katie could hear her make snippy comments. A shot from the device might change her attitude. Katie scanned the room again and noticed a woman around the same age as herself, in her mid-thirties arguing with her daughter who looked about 8 or 9. It seemed the girl wanted a new toy and the woman was trying to explain she couldn't afford it right now. The girl started throwing a tantrum drawing a few stares. Perhaps something could be done? Finally she noticed a young man of about 13 staring across the room. Following his line of sight Katie was surprised to see her neighbor Myra with a few bags eating lunch with her back turned to them on the other side of the food court. Looking at the boy she could tell he was attracted to the 40 year old Black woman. Myra wasa good friend and she did wish to see her with someone that made her feel the way Jim made Katie herself feel. What to do next?

  1. More on the families created by the device
  2. Katie asks Jim to change the cashier
  3. Katie asks Jim to do something about the mother and daughter
  4. Katie does something about the boy and Myra
  5. Something Else

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