Tinky's Tots

Infinite AR - Episode 294

''Are we going to Tinky's Totts?'' Jim asks hopefully.

''We sure are!'' the nurse exclaims.

When they arrive Jim is taken in through a side door and snuck in a V.I.P. waiting room.

To Jim's surprise the nurse is allowed to sign all the waiver forms and documents on his behalf. After all, he is a minor now and shouldn't be held responsible for signing documents like that or making such big decisions.

After the nurse is done signing she comes over to Jim and sits on the couch beside him and says,''I've just authorized them to take you all the way back down to day one. Isn't that great? And day-one babies have high priority... oh look! They're calling us now. You're turn already. Isn't that wonderful honey?''

Jim is led into an adjacent lab room and placed in a rusty old metal tank. It doesn't look all that sanitary for transforming people into babies or anything like that but it sure is a sturdy looking old tank, that's for sure.

A few other nurses arrive and help Jim undress and they hook up a wet and slimy sponge to his forehead. It feels to Jim like a big fat cow just licked him right on the forehead with a big sloppy old cow tongue. The sponge apparatus is rigged up to a helmet which comes down next and is locked in place.

Next Jim is wrapped in a giant blue slimy shammy and they leave him there lying on the floor on a big metal grate.

The hatch closes up and the chamber begins to fill with a ton of artificial amnionic fluid and nutrients helpful for making this most delicate and dangerous transformation.

''Day one,'' a male voice says over a tiny speaker dangling from the back of the rusty chamber.

A rubber gloved arm slides in from a little hatch and reaches up to Jim's lips with a vial of potion.

''Last drinky-dink, honey,'' a woman's voice says as he's fed the magic formula.

Jim drinks the stuff down before the goop all around him reaches his neck.

This particular change has to be exactly precise or else Jim will evaporate into nothingness.

''Age seven.... age six.... age five....,'' a caring young woman's voice informs him over the speaker. ''Age four.... and three.... and two... and one... and...............''

  1. A fog engulfs Jim and he re-emerges elsewhere....

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