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Infinite AR: Young David and Josie fix the gun [Episode 2939]

Young David and Josie fix the gun

Infinite AR - Episode 2939

The young teens were now exploring each others bodies. Josie's hymen reformed making her a virgin again. Their moans were getting higher in pitch as they went. Joise's breasts had fully receded back into her chest and almost all her pubic hair was gone.

"Can I touch it?", asked 12 year old David. He had never seen a naked girl before.

"Only if I can touch yours", replied 12 year old Josie.

They both giggled at the others touch. Sex was forgotten and there was only curiousity.

"We better stop, your mom might catch us", said Josie pulling away to get her clothes on.

David agreed and he too started to put on his clothes. The room around them had changed to a pre-teen boys room.

"Josie come look what I have on my computer", said 11 year old David.

"What is it?", asked Josie also 11 years old.

"It's plans for a gun to make people younger", said David proudly.

"Really, that's cool", said Josie.

"See I'm almost done putting it together", explained David as he moved the broken gun onto the desk.

David started working on the gun following the plans on the computer. By the time he was finished, both him and Josie had regressed into nine year olds. Once the gun was finished being put back together, the regression stopped on Josie and David.

"Who should we test it on, Davey?", asked Josie.

"How about mean old Mrs Anderson, our third period teacher", said David.

"Yea, we could turn her into a baby wearing a diaper.", giggled Josie.

"Too bad school is not for another day", frowned David, liking the idea of using it on Mrs Anderson.

"Hmmm how about....", said Josie.

  1. We test it on ourselves
  2. We test it on your mom
  3. We test it on my mom
  4. We test it on my little sister
  5. SE

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