Jimmy joins his sister

Infinite AR - Episode 2932

Josie and David were about to enter Jimmy's room when Jimmy disappeared from her arms. She was now nine months pregnant with her son.

"Please find a way to stop Jimmy from getting any younger", pleaded Josie with David who was now looking in the computer. They had forgotten that they were also regressing as well.

"I'll try, Jimmy was not that organized in his files", said David searching through the computer files.

While her husband searched, Josie sat on Jimmy's bed. She felt her breasts, they were firm and sore. She was in her early twenties now. She could fell Jimmy shrink inside her womb as her belly got smaller.

"Hurry, Jimmy is shrinking fast", said Josie rubbing her now small belly, she was now three months pregnant.

"I think I found it", stated David as he found the information about the device.

But before he had time to use that information, the mental fog reappeared on their faces. David joined his wife on the bed and they began to make love once more. It did not take long for them to reach their climax, but instead of pumping semen into Josie, he was sucking it out. Jimmy was now an unfertilized egg and floated up to one of Josie's ovaries.

"Where am I, its so dark?", thought Jim.

"Is that you Jim?", said a female voice.

"Katie?", thought Jim.

"Yes, it's me, where are we the last thing I remember is being in mom's arms.", Katie voiced.

"I remember now, we're inside mom", voiced Jim.

"You mean we're eggs in mommy's ovaries?", asked Katie.

"Yes, we have to wait for mom to reconcieve us, I hope", answered Jim.

"This is weird, I hope mom reconcieves me first, I want to be the older sibling this time.", stated Katie.

Meanwhile back with Josie and David, they had continued to regress and now are 16 years old.

"David hurry up, we do not have much time before my mom gets back.", said Josie kissing David on the lips.

The young teens made out once more. By the time they had finished they were now 14 years old.

"I'm glad I lost my virginity to you David", smiled Josie.

  1. Josie and David continue to regress
  2. Josie's mother shows up
  3. David shows Josie what he found on the computer
  4. David's mother shows up
  5. SE

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