Kimmi's better adjusted lifestyle

Infinite AR - Episode 29268

"Now what should we do honey?" Jim asked Katie. "Well, actually, I think you should use your device again on that Kimmi girl, er, woman." Katie said to her husband. "What for? She seems better than how she was a second ago like the rest of her friends." "I know dear but, what if her and her husband are on 'bad terms'?" Katie inferred looking a little concerned. "Okay, if it makes you happy, I'll save her marriage." Jim said. "Thank you sweetie." Katie said blowing a kiss to her husband. Jim aimed his device at Kimmi again and checked to make sure none of the other women or Kimmi would be aware of what was happening to her. Jim used the device on Kimmi and he and Katie both watched as she changed again right before their eyes. Kimmi's weight expanded to be close to that of her friend Tina's, but not as much. Her breasts expanded from b-cups to cc-cups and her black hair darkened as she also regressed a little in age from 40 years-old to 36 years old. It was just enough so that her friends wouldn't suspect anything. "So Kimmi, what were you saying about Yamato?" Her friend Tina asked. "Oh our relationship has really improved since I added a few pounds, thanks for the advice Tina. Now I'm Yamato's 'little cupcake'." Kimmi giggled. Jim and Katie saw that there was now no more they could do for the four women who were once college girls and decided to leave them be.

  1. Jim and Katie decided to check on Wendy and her friends
  2. Jim and Katie decide to experiment on more food court patrons
  3. Jim and Katie meet a friend. Is it someone their age now or from when they were younger?

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