Making a Book Fantasy real

Infinite AR - Episode 29267

Jim and Katie left the food court area and wandered around the mall for a little bit until they came to the large bookstore in the mall. Entering the book store, they saw so many people inside. "Honey, I've got an Idea, know what it is?" Jim asked his wife. "Is it, to turn the people who are reading books into the ages that the characters in the book are?" Katie guessed. "Exactly." "We think almost alike, that's why I love you." Katie said giving Jim a kiss on the cheek as they went in the book store. Inside there was a man reading 'Peter Pan', an elderly woman reading 'Alice in Wonderland', a 9 year old boy reading a book about King Arthur, and so many others. The two of them changed...

  1. The man into the age Peter Pan was
  2. The elderly woman into the age Alice was
  3. The little boy into the age King Arthur was
  4. someone else
  5. they decided to go into another store

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8/17/2013 9:07:17 PM

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