Feeling Guilty

Infinite AR - Episode 29242

"I-I'm fine Melanie. Just had a bit of a shock earlier. I think I'd like to catch up sometime but I've got to be going for now." After exchanging goodbyes Myra walked away from the two she had changed. "What right did I have doing that to them? Sure they seem happy but it could have been much worse." With these feelings of guilt Myra looked at the device in her hands. She wasn't sure who left it there but thought she may not be responsible enough for it. "I'll just put it back where I found it and forget about all this." She thought. Myra set the device back on the ground and walked away.

  1. Grace finds the device
  2. Melanie finds the device
  3. Myra changes her mind and goes back for the device
  4. Jim and Katie finally locate the device
  5. Someone else finds it

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9/5/2013 6:13:00 PM

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