Myra looks for other people to change in the park

Infinite AR - Episode 29241

"Sorry Melanie, but I'm afraid I'm...a little busy today. Maybe Another day I'll come with you and little grace to the zoo. "Oh, that's alright. Say goodbye to miss Myra, Gracie." Melanie said as she and Grace or Gracie walked off. "Bye miss Myra." Little Grace waved goodbye. Myra still couldn't believe what the device in her hand had just done. It changed a mother into a daughter and a daughter into a mother. Myra looked at the device once more to see that it had settings for aging up or down, clothing adjustment and an awareness button. "I better keep the awareness button off, I wouldn't want anyone to question what happens to them. But if it worked for Grace and Melanie, maybe it'll work for someone else." Myra said to herself. The 40 year-old woman looked around the park to see many people she could change. There was a mother and her teenage son who looked the rebellious type while she looked like a modest mother. Three women who looked a lot heavier than Myra herself looked and who were all getting ice cream. A nerdy looking 10 year old boy who was admiring some high school girls. Myra thought about changing any of them, because they looked like they could use a change the most or someone else.

  1. Change the modest mother
  2. Chane the rebellious teenage son
  3. Change the heavy looking women
  4. Change the nerdy boy
  5. someone else

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8/13/2013 4:29:01 PM

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