To The Orphanage

Infinite AR - Episode 292

"Wh what?!" Jim stammered at the shock fact of being taken to an orphanage, "Why?"

"I could say it's because you've technically got no parents in this form," the nurse started, "But that's only one reason among many, some of which aren't even related to you. But to put it simply, I have a friend who works at the orphanage who's going to be very interested in you, and who is willing to pay good money; and other rewards; for me to hand you over to them. Now i'm not going to tell you any more, so don't make me tell you to be quiet."

Jim looked down at his knees. He had to get out of here before they got to the orphanage.

  1. The nurse accidentally forgot to look the car door on Jim's side.
  2. Jim tells the nurse he needs to use the bathroom so they'll stop at a service station.
  3. There's no escape that Jim can see, he'll just have to wait it out.
  4. Something else.

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