On My Honour

Infinite AR - Episode 2916

Still mesmerised by his sudden return to prepubesence and aware that the book he just picked up was the most likely culprit, Jim decided to do the logical thing.


After all, what harm could it do? These books might be magic, but they hadn\\\'t done anything to hurt him. He figured this was just some kind of temporary enchantment, and it\\\'s not every day you get to be ten years old again.

Jim glanced around to make sure no one had seen him, then walked deeper into the children\\\'s section. He stopped as a particular book grabbed his eye, and grabbed it. The book was thin and colourful compared to the one that turned him into a fourth-grader.

\\\"On My Honour,\\\" Jim muttered, reading off the back. \\\"For ages seven to ten.\\\"

His voice changed as he read it out loud, rising from a boyish pitch to an even more childish tone. Jim sounded like a genuine second grader.

He glanced down at his feet to confirm it. The floor seemed a little closer and his clothes were different, small enough to match his altered physique. It felt so surreal to see his little sneakers from that angle. Jim figured he must be about eight years old.

As he went to slide the book back into its position, Jim realised he now stood just over head-height with the small shelf. \\\"Cool!\\\" he said, testing out his new kid\\\'s voice once again.

  1. Jim leaves the store.
  2. Jim stays and inquires about the magic present in the store.

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7/7/2006 5:47:23 AM

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