Amusement Park

Infinite AR - Episode 291

After a while of driving, the nurse pulled up outside an amusement park. Seeing Jim's look of confusion, the nurse sighed.

"Look, this is an amusement park. Kids love amusement parks. Do you get me?" she said, but the look on Jim's face portrayed that he didn't understand. She sighed again, "Okay, put it this way, i'm not going to turn you back, so instead i'm going to break you into the idea of being a kid again. So listen up, you are going to enjoy this treat i've got lined up for you like the little kid you are, and you won't stop until I say so." At that command, all of Jim's adult personality and fears were repressed for the moment, leaving only an excited little kid. The nice lady continued, "I have a friend working at the park in management, they've agreed to let you in and go on everything for free. I have some business I have to attend to, so i'll be a while away, but i'll expect you back here to meet me in around 4 hours, you got that?" Little Jimmy nodded excitedly.

"Good" the nurse grinned, "Now go have fun." With that Jimmy hopped excitedly out of the vehicle and off towards the park entrance, being let in just like the nice lady had said he would. Looking around with a massive grin, he decided that first he really wanted to...

  1. ...go and play in the bumper cars.
  2. ...go and see the hall of mirrors.
  3. ...go to the petting zoo.
  4. ...go to the small, dingy tent off in a distant corner of the park, away from the crowds.
  5. something else.

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