Jim goes too far back and he looses his powers, and time is still going backwards

Infinite AR - Episode 2858

Jim thought that once he reached the point of when he first met his girlfriend Sharon, that would be far back enough. Butut for some reason Jim couldnt stop time from continuing to go backwards. At first Jim didnt know why but then it hit him. If he went back to before he met the genie, he never got his power. So Jim knew that time would continue to go backwards til time doesnt exist anymore. Jim didnt mind reliving such events as his best birthdays, best school days but he knew once he was borb again in reverse that would be it. Jim first relived his graduation day, then first day of hight school, then middle school, then elementary school, then first day at Kindergarden, hours insteead of instead of years. Then came the part Jim didnt want to see the most. His birth. He was held by his mom and then put back into her womb and for a few hours Jim went from a 9 month old fetus to a sperm and an egg. Then that was the end of Jim. Time continued to go backwards til the the big bang happened and time went foward again but in normal speed.

The end at least for millions of years

  1. Many Many Many Years pass and Jim wakes up

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