Finishing him off

Infinite AR - Episode 28572

"Not so tough now huh?" she says while shaking her saggy diaper back and forth. "Time to put you in your place." She reaches for Jim inside her diaper and pulls him out. While holding Jim tightly she walks into their little brother's room who is playing with his toys on the ground.

"Hey little bro, are you hungry?" "mmmmhmmmm!" He drops his toys and runs toward them. "Wait! don't do this!" Jim begs as he see's his toddler brother approach them. "If you like being amongst our little brother's poop so much than why not become his poop?" She says while handing him to their brother. "NOOOOOOO!" Jim screams as his brother grabs takes him from Katie's grasp.

He doesn't even look at what he is about to eat and just throws Jim inside his mouth. Jim screams as his toddler brother attempts to chew on him. "KATE HELP! PLEASE DON'T LET HIM EAT ME! PLEASE!" Katie just stands there laughing at the fact that her big brother is about to be eaten by her youngest brother who still wears diapers.

After about 10 seconds of chewing, Jim's brother gets ready to swallow him. Jim is still alive but has been cut and bruised badly by his brother's teeth. Jim looks at the back of his little brother's throat. "No, not like this." Jim say's to himself. *Gulp*

Katie hears her little brother swallow Jim and smiles. "Now with that done I'll become the oldest and Jim will become nothing but poop in the back of a toddler's diaper. She walks up to her brother and puts her ear on his stomach. She hears his stomach is already making short work of Jim. "Have fun becoming the poop of our toddler brother Jim." She laughs and then walks away to let nature take its course.

8 Hours later. Katie was just sitting on the couch watching TV. She saw her little brother walk past her who just woke up from his nap. She looked at his pants and saw the biggest bulge in the back of his pants she's ever seen. "Hey little bro. Come here." He walked over to her still half asleep. She turned him around and pulled his pants down and checked the back of his diaper. "Poopie" says her brother as she checks him. *Giggle* "Phew you smell big brother." She then pulls his pants back up and lets him go. He then walks up to his mum (mom) wanting to get changed into a fresh diaper. She grabs him and takes him to his room to get him all cleaned up and to eventually lay you to rest. Within the diaper pail.

  1. The End

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