Katie's New Stuffer

Infinite AR - Episode 28562

Katie hums maliciously, as she takes locks the door to her room. She takes out a box beneath her bed, and opens it up revealing a box full of adult baby diapers. She straightens one out and undresses her self before settling ontop of it.

She then poofs some baby powder over her, before taking the messy diaper and shaking it around. Jim moans inside as she untapes it.

"W-w-what are you doing??" He exclaimed, barely able to see her through his poop-covered face.

"Using you as a stuffer for my diapee." She hummed before planting the messy diaper over her bits.

Only muffled screams of horror could be heard from Jim as she taped up the diaper around her.

"Now lets..."

  1. ...get Wet!
  2. ...get Messy!
  3. ...get Horny!

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7/11/2013 12:29:03 AM

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