Diaper Change With a Hot Babysitter

Infinite AR - Episode 28527

You wake up lying on your back. The first thing you notice as your vision starts to clear, is that you are completely naked, except for some sort of cloth around your waist, and your butt feels all mushy! You then look up to see a giant pair of knockers hanging over you. You look up to their owner, which appears to be a beautiful, sexy, young girl, about 16 or 17, wearing a tight, pink, sweater, with a low cut neck. This girl is huge! She must be at least 15 or 20 feet tall! Or wait... It's not that she's big! It's that YOU'VE become TINY! That material around your waist is a DIAPER! "Awwe," the girl cooes, pearling down at you," "Looks like whittle Jimmy Jim is awake!" Hims made a surprise in his diaper for Babysitter, didn't he?" Then, to your surprise, she reaches down and tickles your belly, making you laugh and giggle uncontrollably. How embarrassing! "We'll, don't you worry, Sweety Pie! I'm about to get you all cleaned up and into a fresh, clean diapey!" How Embarassing! Lying here in nothing but a messy diaper, and now, this hot chick that's way younger than your normal age is about to change you! Just then, as you gaze at her beautiful, teen cleavage, a funny thought occurs to you: getting your balls and butt rubbed by a beautiful high schooler... This might not be all bad, after all. maybe you should just play along like a "good baby"

  1. Play Along "Like a Good Baby"
  2. No Way! I Gotta Get Outa Here!

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2/1/2014 2:29:48 PM

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