Childhood Fantasy into Dream Come True

Infinite AR - Episode 28445

The four of them took notice of a little boy and little girl who looked roughly around the same age as each other probably 8 or somewhat younger. "Girls are stupid!" The boy yelled to the girl. "Boys are stupider!" The girl blasted back and stuck her tongue out at him. The two of them soon got into a fistfight with each other and their friends (boys and girls) were looking on to see who would when the fight while one slightly older boy tried to break up the fight between them. Wendy looked over the device for a second and was able to figure out exactly how it worked and focused her shot on the children. As Wendy and her friends looked on the children began changing right before their very eyes. They went from children into preteens, then into teenagers, and finally became adults. Wendy also pressed a button labeled clothing and saw what would happen then and to her and her friends amazement, the former children were all dressed in formal attire and the little girl and little boy who had started the fight were now in Groom and Bride attire while their friends were dressed in groomsmen and bridesmaid clothing. The boy who had tried to break up the fight before was now a justice of the peace. To keep it so they all didn't notice anything amiss, Wendy pressed the mental button on the device and now everyone believed they were at a wedding in the park and the former girl and boy were now husband and wife as they kissed each other. "They weren't brother and sister, were they?" Dani asked her best friend. "Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter now anyway, their husband and wife, I don't think it's right to ruin their wedding day." Wendy told Dani as they along with Pete and George went somewhere else.

  1. The four of them head off to the Mall now.
  2. The four of them head off to the Movies now.
  3. The four of them find someone else in the Park to change.
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