Back at 17

Infinite AR - Episode 28430

"Dani and I will do it." Wendy volunteered. "Really?" Dani asked her best friend. "Yes, really." Wendy said with a strict face. "Okay, here g-g-g-goes nothing." George said as he used the device this time solely on Dani and Wendy. Wendy and Dani's bodies grew to back to how they used to be just hours ago and both of their minds went back to that time frame too so they didn't quite remember George and Pete now as they used to. "Oh, hey look Dani, it's the dweebs." Wendy stated with a smirk. "Wendy, don't you remember me? I'm the one who saved you from getting hit by a car earlier." George said trying to get her to remember. "Well I was saved by a boy years ago when I was 13 but that was a long time ago." Wendy recalled. "Yeah, you two may be kind of cute now but neither of you are really ranking on our dating lists." Dani said to them. "But we can prove it, here use this thing to make us both 17." Pete instructed them. Dani and Wendy both rolled their eyes but went along with their game. Both George and Pete soon found themselves at the ages of 17. "See, we t-t-t-t-told you two." George said in his usual stutter but his voice was slightly deeper. "Wow, you two weren't joking, and George, you've gotten really cuter." Wendy said kissing him on the lips. "So should we use this more on ourselves?" Pete wondered aloud. "No way, I'm not getting any younger that what I was and I refuse to get as old as my mom." Wendy said. Looking around the park, they used the device next on...

  1. An old woman feeding some pigeons
  2. A bickering little sister and brother
  3. A middle-aged woman who dressed young
  4. A young boy with a crush on his Female Adult Black baby sitter
  5. se

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