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Infinite AR - Episode 28335

"HEEEELP" Jim screamed in vain as his brother had already taken 2 bites of the sandwich.

The next bite was the piece that has Jim stuck to it. With the top piece of bread gone Jim could see he was in the toddlers mouth being coated in saliva.

"PLEASE DON'T SWALLOW MEEE" Jim screamed as he was getting closer and closer to his brothers throat. Jim was faced to where he could still he his brothers mouth and the light from outside because his brother still chewed with his mouth open. With one loud GULP the light quickly faded as Jim traveled down the dark tunnel that was this brothers throat.

Jim desperately tried to grab the sides of the throat but it was too slippery to grab and Jim traveled with the rest of the food down to his brothers stomach.

Now free of the peanut butter Jim made one last attempt and waded to the side of the stomach and stated pounding on it an yelling "LET ME OUT, I'M NOT FOOD" Jim yelled but it was too late now as his brothers stomach acids were coming in

Jim's pounding became less intense as he stated to black out from lack of air until Jim was passed out, saving him the horrors of digestion.

5 Hours later Jim's brother had messed his diaper again and was being changed. By now Jim had worked his way through his brothers digestive track and was now part of the mess that was in his brothers diaper.

The change was quick as his mother balled up the poopy diaper and threw it into the diaper pail. The ironic part of this being how hard Jim tried to escape the pail, now trapped forever in the pail until trash day came where he would be thrown out with the rest of the diapers and taken to rot in the landfill for eternity with the rest of his fellow poopy diapers.

The end

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