The vast expanse of the living room

Infinite AR - Episode 28334

As Jim jumps out of his brother's pocket, he bounces off a small stuffed animal into graveyard of lego pieces. He gets up, looking around at his surroundings. Far off in the distance is the kitchen door. Back behind him is the nursery where he came from. "Which way should I go?" thinks Jim out loud. His thought it interrupted by a smash of a giant hand near the pile of lego near him. It's his baby brother, and he is grabbing a lego piece and cramming it towards his mom.

Jim's mom runs in to the room and scoops him up. "No, those aren't for babies," she coos as she grabs the lego brick from him and tosses it to the ground. "Your brother was supposed to pick those up."

The door to the outside opens up and Megan, the babysitter walks in. "Oh good, you're here Megan," Jim's mom says, "I'm going to go put him down for his nap. Could you help me out and clean up this mess please?"

"Sure thing," Megan responds. As Jim's mom and brother head back to the nursery, Jim watches Megan as she opens up the closet and pulls out the canister vacuum and puts a new bag in it. Uh-oh.

  1. Jim should run for cover under the couch
  2. Jim should run across the open room towards the kitchen
  3. Jim should run at Megan towards the nursery

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