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Infinite AR - Episode 28332

Jim looked down as he fell and he saw Lucky's food bowl. *Squish!* 'A soft landing' he sighed. "Lucky dinner time!" His mother yelled. Jim's eyes widened, Lucky now a Gigantic beast started to eat. Jim tried to get out of the mushy dog food but he was stuck. Jim gulped in fear. Lucky slowly and slowly got to Jim. Lucky's massive black lips went towards Jim. Jim started to scream "Lucky it's me!" but Lucky was busy eating. *MUNCH* Jim was inside Lucky's slimy mouth his whole body was covered in slimey dog-saliva. *Swallow* Later at the Park..."Hmm where is Jim? I didn't see him all day." his mother said worried. Meanwhile Lucky, pooped on the ground. Inside that was the Dead body of Jim.

  1. Dead

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6/8/2015 9:30:22 PM

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