"Feeding Time for the Diaper Slave!"

Infinite AR - Episode 28316

"Hush now, Baby!" says Claire,"

Then, to Jim's shock, he feels the oddest, strongest, compulsion to obey her! Everything inside him says that "mother knows best!"

"Now," she says, "it's time for me to feed Baby! Now, go sit at the table like a good boy. I'm afraid mummy doesn't have a high chair, just yet, but we'll get one soon.

So, the submissive Jim, find himself waddling across the room in his soggy, stinky, diapers, before sitting himself down at the table, squishing the mess all around in his diapers. Claire gets a giant baby bib that says "Mamma's little stinker," and ties it around his neck. She then gets out a big jar of baby food, and begins spoon feeding it to him.

The mush tastes horrible, but Jim finds himself unable to resist as spoonful after spoonful his shoveled into his face, much of it getting all over his bib. Finally, it is finished, and she unties the bib.

"Good boy," she says, "Now, come along to the couch for your ba ba"

The next thing he knows, Jim is lying on her lap, resting his head against her breasts as she bottle feeds him. Before he can even finish the bottle, he feels his eye lids becoming heavy. He awakens sometime later to find himself....

  1. At His Own Baby Shower!
  2. Getting a Public Diaper Change!!
  3. Trapped in a Cradle-(With Diaper Rash)
  4. In a Giant Stroller Out in Public!
  5. It was All just a Dream! Phew!

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