Aren't you forgetting something, Jim?

Infinite AR - Episode 280

With hands firmly in place over his ears, Jim starts to make a run for the stairs....

...and trips and falls flat on his face over his baggy old blue jeans that no longer fit him anymore!

Crying and doubled over in pain as his nose and ribs are all bruised up Jim realizes his horrible mistake all too late.

''Aha!'' the nurse exclaims with a smug expression on her face as she stands there now towering over Jim with her hands on her hips. ''Thought you'd try and pull a fast one on me, eh? But you forgot you're too small for your britches this way. Well don't you worry about a thing. I'll go and fetch you some clothes that'll fit you and I'll be right back. Now you don't go anywhere, okay? You stay put until I come back and that's an order.''

Compelled by the strange magical formula to obey, Jim has no choice but to wait for the nurse to return.

She returns a few minutes later and Jim gets dressed in his new clothes while she goes out and gets the car ready. Then she comes back and leads him out a side door to a waiting automobile at the curb. Together they go riding out of town.

Where is she taking you Jim?

  1. To an amusement park
  2. To an orphanage to be set up for adoption
  3. To your new cousin's house in the country
  4. To Tinky's Tott's, a baby making factory to finish your regression for good

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11/16/2005 6:44:19 AM

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