Jim and Kate's not so well planned out party

Infinite AR - Episode 27967

After Jim was finished with work, he went home to where he found Katie, or Kate waiting for him. "So there you are, listen, I was thinking that it's been a long time since we had our friends over, so I let Wendy and Dani go to their friend's place for the weekend in the city, while they're gone we can invite all our old friends over." Katie explained. "That's great, maybe we could even show them our little device." Jim suggested showing the age changing device. "Jim, come on, these are people we've known for years. I don't think they'll want to live out their high school years again." "Okay, okay, let's just make the calls and tell them to come tonight." Jim said. Jim and Kate made the calls for all their friends to come over, though they were both a little surprised to find that not only were some of their friends from high school still high school age, they didn't even recognize Jim and Kate. The two of them went into the kitchen to try and solve what was going on. "We didn't say this was a high school party did we?" Kate asked. "No, but some of these people do look a little familiar. Like the one guy who looks like my best friend, Tom." "Yeah, I also saw one of those young girls out there reminded me of Stacey, my best friend since elementary school." Kate added. "Well, we can't just stand around out there with a bunch of high school kids, we've got to 'adjust' this party to our liking." Jim said taking out the device and winking at Kate. "I'm not really sure doing that is a great idea." "Come on, look at the one girl out there, Miranda." "You mean the girl who looks like the dorky Miranda we knew?" "Right, she's always wanted that one guy, Chuck to notice her. Well now we can make that happen." Jim said. "Okay, let's do this." Kate said as she and Jim went back outside where...

  1. Jim and Kate progress everone into an adult at once
  2. Jim and Kate progress their party guests one at a time
  3. se

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