Movie Date Night

Infinite AR - Episode 27963

Jim observed from a distance, the mother and son looking at horror movies, while the mother obviously didn't approve of her son's choice in taste, she did try to get him to choose something else. "Charles, honey, wouldn't you rather watch a cartoon movie?" Charles's mother, Diane, asked trying to persuade him. "No way mom, besides, I know how most of those movies go anyway." Charles responded. "Oh, but Charles..." "And would you please stop calling me Charles, I told you, I prefer Charlie." "Maybe when you grow up, I can call you Charles?" Diane asked. "Maybe, and maybe when you grow younger I can call you Diane." Charlie responded. Diane just rolled her eyes and looked away from her son. Jim first used his device on the mother, Diane. Diane's weight disappeared first, gone was all the weight she had put on since motherhood and now had a model's slim figure. Now Diane's short greyish hair brightened to a blonde color and came down to her neck. Diane certainly looked young now but she didn't dress young, so Jim remedied that. Diane's dark blue shirt brightened to a turquoise color and it instantly tied into a knot, showing off her skinny midriff. Diane had gone from a woman of 40 down to a young woman of 22. Jim then quickly used his device on Charles, or Charlie. Charlies' height grew from 4'6 to 5'8 just a little over his now younger mother at age 23. Charlies' hair darkened from a light brown to a dark brown. His small tan jacket he wore on him also darkened to a black jacket, his ninja turtle's shirt also turned into a Led Zeppelin shirt. His mental maturity also caught up with him and finally Jim altered reality so that Charles and Diane were no longer mother and son but a young couple. "Charlie, I don't want to watch any scary movie." Diane pleaded. "It's okay hon, I'll hold onto you whenever something scary pops up on screen." Charles said calming Diane. "Alright, Charlie." "Ah, remember, I prefer you call me Charles." Charles said as he kissed Diane on the lips. Charles and Diane then picked out a horror movie to watch and went on their way to pay for it. Jim was glad he helped them find a solution to that little problem. Jim now thought about what to do next.

  1. Jim used his deviced on the Woman getting Barbie's
  2. Jim gets done at work and goes to meet his wife, Katie
  3. After work Jim and Katie visit their "old" high school
  4. something else

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