Myra discovers the device

Infinite AR - Episode 27904

Myra walked through the park enjoying the nice weather. She couldn't help thinking about how fast time seemed to have gone by. It seemed to her that she had become middle aged before she knew it. The 40 year old woman remained unaware that several hours earlier she had been only 6. It seemed that she had become middle aged too quickly. She had never been able to find someone to settle down with. Things had moved too quickly and she feared she would never have the chance to have children or a husband. Her thoughts turned to the boy doing chores at Katie and Jim's house. He was a handsome boy. If only he was a little older. Myra stopped and took stock of her body. She was still attractive for her age. She had been putting on some extra weight in recent years however. She was thankfull she had kept up exercising so the weight distributed better. She liked having bigger breasts, a large D, but wished they sagged less. Most of the weight had started settling on her thighs and backside giving her more of a pear shape. Her chocolate skin had faint wrinkles and creases but she admitted it could be worse. As she resumed walking she noticed a strange looking device on the ground. Looking it over she noticed it had writing on it about age. Probably a child's toy she thought. Still thinking about her age made her wish for the days she was younger. If only this device could really change her age. Looking around she noticed a woman sitting on a bench watching her daughter on the swings. Pointing the device at the mom she pressed the younger button saying "bang" playfully. To her amazement the woman began to actually grow younger before her eyes. Her brunette hair grew out into a younger style rather than the short manageable cut she had sported. Lines receded from her face and left over pregnancy weight melted away. As she re-entered her teens the woman's breasts began to deflate. Her ass flattened and she lost her curves. Soon she was no more than a 5 year old. Myra could not believe what she had just seen. How could this toy have made a woman who must have been in her early thirties into a 5 year old? As she watched the woman's daughter approached her former mother. From what she could tell it seemed as if the girl was unaware anything had ever changed. Could this thing change reality too? Myra decided to test further and pressed the progression button aiming at the daughter. She watched as the process repeated itself in reverse. The daughter grew older in moments. Myra could see every curve form as the girl grew C-cups and wide child bearing hips. As she continued to age the now woman gained some excess weight, a small potbelly and thick thighs. Her sandy blond hair fell out of it's pigtail style and formed a tight bun at the back of her head. It was only then that Myra noticed the pair's outfits no longer matched their ages. Looking at the device again she noticed buttons concerning clothing. Soon the former mother was in a Hello Kitty T-shirt and a pink skirt. The former daughter now wore a blue sundress with a matching wide brim hat. Before Myra could fully understand what had happened in the last few minutes the pair began to walk towards her. She could hear the now older woman say to the girl "Look over there Grace, it's Miss Myra. Do you want to say hi?" The two reached Myra and the girl said "Hello Miss Myra. You look really pretty today. Mommy Melanie is taking me for a walk through the park, and then later we get to go to the zoo. Could yo come too? That would be so cool!" " Grace it is cute when you use my full name, but I told you just mommy is fine. Now we don't want to inconvenience Auntie Myra. It would be nice for you to come with us though. It seems we haven't seen each other in a longtime. I will be nice to chat and catch up." Myra stood there without saying a word for a few moments trying to process this new information. By changing the age of these two she seemed to have created a reality where they had switched roles. She wondered how that was even possible. Besides that the new mother seemed to be a friend of hers "Are you okay Myra? If something is wrong you can tell me."

  1. Myra goes to the zoo with Grace and Melanie to find out more about their new friendship
  2. Myra decides to go find Pete and make him her man
  3. Myra decides to make herself a little younger
  4. Myra decides she needs to experiment more with the device on other park guests
  5. Myra drops the device leaving it for someone else to find

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