Wendy, Dani, George, and Pete now have the device

Infinite AR - Episode 27903

George was the first one to pick it up after they got done in the paddle boats and showed it to the others. "What is it?" Wendy asked looking curiously at it. "I d-d-d-don't know, maybe we could use it on something to see what it does." George suggested in his usual stutters. "What's going on now?" Dani asked them as she and Pete approached. "George here found some kind of weird looking device and we're wondering what we should do with it." Wendy explained to her best friend. "Why wonder, just forget about the silly thing and let's move on with our day." Dani said to them shrugging off the device. Suddenly, George felt a tap on his shoulder and looked down to see a toddler girl in pigtails. "Excuse me mister, do you know where the swing sets are, I'm kind of lost?" The little girl asked in her sweet little voice. "Y-Yeah, they should just be right around on the other side of the playground." George said as he accidentally pressed some buttons on the device and some kind of ray hit the little girl in pigtails. She suddenly grew from childhood into adulthood and her clothes changed to fit her. She now wore women's size overalls with a white shirt underneath of it, her pigtails formed into one ponytail. When it was all over, the former little girl seemed to think nothing was wrong. "Thanks for the directions, I've got to go find my daughter now." The quickly grown woman said to the four of them. Wendy, George, Dani, and Peter were all astounded by what had just happened. "That-That girl, I mean that woman...what did you do George?!" Wendy asked in shock. "I don't know, I think somehow this thing can change ages of people somehow." George theorized. "You know what, forget about what I was saying earlier about throwing it away, we have got to use that thing now." Dani said excitedly. "Yeah but how should we use it?" Pete asked the other three. After talking about it for a while, they decided to...

  1. Make all four of themselves Adults
  2. Make Wendy and Dani Adults
  3. Make George and Pete Adults
  4. se

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