Arthur & Caroline, the perfect "COUPLE"

Infinite AR - Episode 27900

Arthur quickly progressed into adulthood with new memories of himself going through medical school and earning his medical degree. He also recalled meeting Caroline, the love of his life and dating for quite a few years before the two of them decided on marriage. Caroline's smile grew bigger and bigger as she saw the husband she remembered return to the man he was supposed to be. "Oh Arthur." Caroline proclaimed. "Caroline." Arthur said in his adult voice. Both Caroline and Arthur locked lips and kissed. Katie was so moved by this that she gave Jim a peck on the cheek. "Reminds you of anyone you know?" Katie asked. "Maybe." Jim said winking to his wife. Before they left they saw two adults (a man and woman) that looked a little like Arthur and Caroline only different. None of them knew that they were actually Arthur and Caroline's parents. Jim and Katie used the device to return both of them to their teenage ages. Yet what they still didn't realize was that they were making things more complicated as they were actually regressing them instead of leaving them as they were. Jim and Katie decided to take a walk in the park and noticed their daughter, Wendy with her friend Danielle or Dani along with Pete and George. "It's so beautiful out here." Katie said. "Yes you are." Jim said quietly. "What?" "Nothing." Jim said blushing. Unknown to either of them, Jim's device accidentally fell out of his pocket and was left on the sidewalk as they kept walking.

  1. Wendy, Dani, George, and Pete find it.
  2. Miss Myra (40 year old Woman who used to be 6) found it.
  3. Arthur and Caroline come across it.
  4. Jim and Katie go back and pick it up.
  5. someone else finds it

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