Caroline at her "TRUE" Age

Infinite AR - Episode 27863

Jim and Katie watched as Carol's height grew from 4'5 to 5'6, her long hair formed into a hair bun. She looked older but didn't quite look like an attorney, the device rectified this by changing the clothes she had on as a child and transforming them into a light blue business suit. When it was all over, Carol stood there entranced for a while not saying much of anything. "Carol? Carol, are you okay?" Katie asked. "Oh, Katherine, I wasn't expecting you and James to come by." Carol said snapping out of her trance. "You don't have to call us by our full names you know." Katie said. "I know, but I just feel that names like Jim and Katie should be reserved for children than a man and woman." Carol said. "Anyway Carol..." Katie began. "Ah please, call me Caroline." "Okay then Caroline, where's your husband at?" Katie asked. "He should be getting off work any minute now, why?" "Because we believe that my device that Katie and I used to return you back to normal may have also caused your husband to become a little boy." Jim explained. "Oh no, not my Arthur." Caroline gasped. The school bus suddenly pulled up and out came Arthur or Artie, who was in reality Carol or Caroline's little brother, but now they all believed he was the husband. "Who the heck are you all?" Artie asked confused. "Don't worry honey, James and Katherine will fix you right up." Caroline said to Arthur. "Just what are you going to...?" Arthur was cut off from his sentence as Jim used the device to change Artie or Arthur "back" into an adult.

  1. Artie, or Arthur, Husband, Father, and Doctor all at 39.
  2. Artie, or Arthur, Husband, Father, and Doctor all at 39 (mind still the same).
  3. something else.

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