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Infinite AR - Episode 278

Jim can hardly contain his excitement as he delightfully slurps down the second vial of sweet tasting stabalizer potion. When it's all gone and he pulls the glass vial away from his lips and looks down it dawns on him what he just did might just make him stuck as a little boy for good. Or at least make him have to grow up all over again instead of just change back to an adult.

The formula makes him feel all giddy all over and for a moment his vision blurs and he feels dizzy as a ding bell but the odd sensation passes after a few moments. He glances up at the nurse and feels absolutely compelled to do whatever she wants. He squishes his eyebrows up into a furled little frown as he realizes that the stabalizer potion really is also an obediance potion.

''You tricked me. That was an obediance potion,'' Jim realizes aloud.

''That's correct, dear, but also one of our best age reduction stabalizers,'' she explains. ''You know what the potion has done to you, right? But you're powerless to do anything about it. From now on you'll have to do whatever I or any other adult asks you to do - within reason of course. You won't harm yourself at my command or anything like that, honey, but you will obey me just so long as I feed you suppliments. I have a bottle of little pink pills in my purse just in case. They won't do what the stabalizer does exactly but they will reinforce your behavior and keep you nice and obediant.''

Jim put his hands over his ears and said,''You tricked me but as long as I can't hear what you say then I don't have to do what you want!''

What now Jim?

  1. Run upstairs and try and make a break for it, running to the garden
  2. Grab her purse and try to get those mind control pills away from her

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