Alice's husband comes home

Infinite AR - Episode 27650

Jim was relieved when all of Alice's and Angelina's memories changed so that now the daughter was the mother and the mother was the daughter. But he wondered what would happen when Angelina's-er-Alice's husband came home. He didn't have long to wait as Lionel, now Alice's husband arrived. "Hey, I'm home!" Lionel called out. "Oh, hi, glad you're home." Alice said as she kissed Lionel on the cheek. "Hold on now, just who are you?" Lionel asked. "Your wife, who else would I be?" Alice replied. Before Lionel had a chance to reply, Jim used his device on Lionel and he...

  1. Had his memories altered
  2. He was made slightly younger
  3. He was reduced to be Alice's young son
  4. He became unborn and now never existed
  5. Something Else

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6/26/2014 11:42:35 PM

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