Jim and Kate at the movies

Infinite AR - Episode 27624

Jim and Kate both decided to take in a movie since Wendy and Dani would be busy with Pete and George. They went in to see an animated movie. As the movie went on, Jim and Kate saw potential "candidates" for their device. One was an elderly woman of 80, who looked like she was reminiscing about when she was a little girl watching a movie like this. They also saw a little boy and a little girl holding hands next to the seats they sat in. A peculiar set of people was a little white boy who was waving at a heavyweight black woman who didn't pay him any mind. Jim and Kate wanted to use their remote mostly on...

  1. The 80 year-old woman
  2. The little girl and little boy holding hands
  3. The little white boy and the heavyweight black woman
  4. someone else
  5. no one, they decided to leave

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6/24/2013 1:54:14 PM

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