Respect Your Elders

Infinite AR - Episode 27553

Jim watched his daughter and her friends leave when he heard some rude comments from behind him. He turned around to notice a group of four girls around college age talking. Each seemed to have their own beauty. There was a redhead that had some light freckling around her cheeks. Another had raven hair and wore glasses. She seemed the more intelligent type. Sitting across from them was a Black girl with an athletic build. Finally there was a petite Asian girl who looked young for her age. They seemed to be snickering at something. Looking over he could see what they thought was so funny. It was an older woman ordering food from one of the vendors. She wore sweat pants and a top that was perhaps a size too small. She was attractive for being what Jim would guess was around early forties, but had a bit of a spare tire, wide hips, and a big behind making her a definite pear shape. "Can you believe how big that woman is?" said the Raven haired girl. "I know Jill, she looks like a pig wedged into her clothes like that." replied the Redhead. "You can say that again Sally. Maybe if she worked out more like me she would have a better figure. Wouldn't help much upstairs though. I bet she still has a bigger chest than Kimmi though." The Black girl finished with a laugh. "I'll have you know I just went up a size Tina." said the Asian girl "Besides why would I want big breasts that are just going to droop when I am older. Jim couldn't believe the nerve of these girls. As a father he was ashamed of how they were acting. He was glad Wendy had better manners than these girls. "They sure could learn a lesson." He said looking to his wife. "I agree. They wouldn't be laughing if they knew how hard it is to keep up your appearance with all the responsibilities of an adult." replied Katie Taking aim at the table Jim pressed the progression button and watched. At first the four kept chattering about classes, and boys they liked. Soon the conversation had shifted to pregnancy, then PTA meetings, work, and raising families. By the end Jim stopped each of the girls around forty years old. "I can't believe how much of a hassle it is to get everyone together these days. I've been so tired with the hours at the library, and worrying about Michelle starting high school we never have time to catch up." Said Jill. She seemed to have mellowed out with age. She still wore glasses, but her hair had tied itself into a tight bun. She was wearing clothing that while still showing some of her assests appeared dowdy. She seemed to have gained crows feet and more fine lines than the rest. She seemed a bit worn down by the world. She now had small C-cups that lightly drooped. A small bit of pregnancy weight could be seen remaining on her belly and thighs. " I know what you mean my little Yuki is graduating next year and I don't think I'm ready for her to leave the nest. Luckily Hiro still has a few more years at home. I wish Yamato was more interested in me sometimes though. I wouldn't mind having more children." stated Kimmi. It appeared she had grown into a protective mother, though a bit undrappreciated by her husband. She had fewer wrinkles than the others. She hadn't grown much in the chest department after all this time as she was only sporting B-cups at best. Her long Black hair had lost some of it's luster during that time as well. "You need to add some weight to your bones Kimmi. My Ron loves playing with my roles and calling me his chubby princess. I never knew how freeing it would be to be heavier when we were younger." said Tina. She had grown the most out of the group. Her chocolate skin showed some strecth marksaround her belly revealed by a too small top. She had grown large DD- cups, but they drooped considerably onto her spare tire. To compliment this she had also grown a bulbous backside that was too big for the chair she was on. "Having a lot of kids can be a handfull sometimes too. I've had to take less shifts now that I am so close to delivering again. Still it is amazing that we will welcome number twelve next month." stated Sally. The redhead had the widest hips of the group. Jim thought after the comment of how many births it was no surprise. He could see the taut firm stomach under her maternity shirt and a bit of a dark spot forming under her shirt. Just as he was about to turn away the woman who had been ordering food walked over to the women carrying her tray. "I know it has been rough, but you are a great mother Sally." "Thanks Alice, I'm so glad you accepted being godmother agian." "I'm happy to do it." Jim was happy. These women who had been rude girls minutes before laughing at this woman now seemed to be good friends with her. Sometimes his device really astounded him.

  1. Jim and Katie decide to check on Wendy and her friends
  2. Jim and Katie decide to experiment on more food court patrons
  3. Jim and Katie decide to look around some of the shops
  4. Jim decides to use his device on one or more of the women again
  5. Jim and Katie meet a friend. Is it someone their age now or from when they were younger?

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