Being a parent is tough, being a teenager, not so much

Infinite AR - Episode 27551

Jim and Katie took notice of the man with his daughter and both saw that he didn't have a wedding ring on his finger. "Daddy, I want to go to play!" The daughter yelled up to him. The father looked like he was looking around for a woman he might be able to woo. "In a minute honey, daddy's busy doing something." The father said. "That stupid man, doesn't he notice his own daughter right in front of him?" Katie asked rhetorically to Jim. "No, but maybe he will after some minor changes." Jim said. Jim then used his device on the daughter to make her at least 19 years old, her raven hair grew down past her neck as well as her clothes changing to something more age appropriate. "And now for the second part." Jim then turned the device on the father making him a teenager again with no gray hairs in sight and he became at least 20 years old. The former father looked to his former daughter and smiled. "Hey little lady, when did you get here?" The former father said sweet talking her. The former daughter smiled. "Just a little bit ago." "Well, would you rather go someplace quiet?" He asked with a wink. The two of them then went away. "So let me get this straight," Katie began to Jim. "The daughter was turned into a teenager so the father would notice her more and the father was made younger so the two of them are no longer related?" "Correct." Jim answered. "That's actually pretty clever honey." Katie said. Now Jim and Katie decided to...

  1. Make more changes at the mall
  2. Bump into some 'old' friends of theirs from when they were younger
  3. Go to the park
  4. Go see a movie
  5. something else

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