The baby side

Infinite AR - Episode 27410

The coin landed on jims bedroom floor. It landed on the baby. Then there was a slight shift in the air. When jim got up, he flee to the ground and felt his butt absorb the force off his fall. He looked at his self and saw he was in a thick adult diaper with superman on it. He looked at his shirt and found he was wearing a t shirt with BABY on it. He also had a pacifier around his neck. All his other clothing was gone.

"How did i get like this, im dress like a 2 year old. The last time i wore a diaper was for the crazy chick i dated my freshmen year in college." jim said talking to his self. jim looked around and saw he was in a adult size nursery stock full of baby suplies. The walls had pictures of clouds and blue j's on it. His bed was now a giant crib with a mobile above it.

The nursery door open and a woman wanced in. She looked to be 26, a few years older then jim. She was 5'7 and very gourges. She had long red hair, hazel eyes and tan skin. Her body was perfect and her F cups wear nice and plump, they looked soft like pillows. She was wearing a yellow tank top and tight blue jens. She had a bewitching smile on he budiful lips.

"Who did little jim get out of his crib, what a escape artis he is." she said wiggling his nose. "Now jim, back to sleep, i just put you down for a your nap. She said. She picked jim up with no struggle, for any other woman her build and it would be imposible, she didn't even look unwieldy holding him. jim tried to break free but she kempt him in her arms. She placed him in the crib and locked it.

She turned around and sa the coin. "oh, a penny, how did this get in here." She bent down and pick the penny up, she placed it in my pocket and lefted the room.

"Did she just take the penny that got me here. How im i going to get home now. She couldn't even tell i was a growm man, i know i look younger then i im but come on." jim thought.

He sat there and put a inconchisly put the pacifier in his mouth. He laid down and fell to sleep.

  1. he woke up in a messy diaper
  2. he woke up in a wet diaper
  3. he wake up with a breast in his mouth
  4. wakes up from the dream

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4/28/2013 2:37:25 AM

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