well, you're out of the diaper pail

Infinite AR - Episode 26991

with all his might, jim could not get the lid of the diaper pail open. rather then give up he decided to wait for his mother to open the pail herself. a few hours went by and Jim could hear his mother and baby brother enter the room once again and the familiar process of his mother changing his brother. "this is it!" jim thought and sure enough the lid opened with a soaking wet diaper being held in his mother's hand, ready for release. within seconds he was over the rim of the diaper pail as his mother let go of the diaper, which landed with a loud thump as it impacted the others in the pail. the lid come down and with nowhere to go jim quickly decided to jump to freedom! he didn't care if the fall killed him - he was just glad to be out that stinky diaper pail! with horror however - jim realized that he fell right into...

  1. a diaper inside his brother's diaper bag
  2. a diaper inside an open package of diapers
  3. one of his brother's shoes
  4. an open tub of baby wipes
  5. other

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6/25/2013 9:45:08 PM

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