Death wears diapers

Infinite AR - Episode 26990

Jim kept climbing up the side of the pail as his mother was finishing up on his brothers poopy diaper. Jim hugged the wall as best as he could when he heard his mother messing with the diaper pail lid to open it. "Come on you stupid thing open" she said giving the lid a smack. This vibration shook through the pail as the straps holding Jim to the side stated to give. Unknown to Jim the straps were starting to unstick from the wall.

"Finally" she said as the lid opened and the poopy diaper positioned over the hole. Jim tucked in as tight as he could hoping not to be hit by the diaper, but at that exact moment the tabs finally gave out and Jim was unstuck from the wall, falling down to the pile of used diapers below. Jim hit the diapers with a hard squish back first onto the diapers. With the poopy threat still above Jim tried to roll off the diaper to get out of it's path, but Jim's climbing gear had stuck to the diaper and before Jim even had a chance to slip his hands out the poopy diaper was released and Jim's fate was sealed.

In his final moments all Jim saw was a slightly stained brown smiling elmo falling toward him and the god awful smell of the pail. The diaper hit Jim's chest breaking a his back and most of his ribs. Jim was able to slip one hand out of climbing gear and lifted it up towards the hole, which his mother had just shut the lid on her son who she indirectly crushed with her other sons poopy diaper.

The closest thing that Jim got to a funeral was when it was time to change the diaper pail. When his mother took out the bag of diapers she commented that it smelt worse than usual and promptly threw her son and the diapers away out to the curb. And thus ends Jim, who in the end smelt no worse than a bunch of used diapers and was treated no differently from them.

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