All or nothing

Infinite AR - Episode 26988

Jim was inside the diaper pail, hugging the side of the wall with his homemade climbing gear he fashioned from used diaper tabs while outside of the diaper pail his baby brother was getting his messy diaper changed.

"There you go sweetie, no more stinky bum" she said as she opened the lid of the pail as Jim prayed the diaper would miss him. As the messy object fell Jim got a wiff of the nasty thing and besides making him gag the diaper missed him. With a sigh of relief Jim looked down to see the diaper and discovered the horror about it.

His mom had decided not to ball up the diaper like how she normally did when the diaper was messy and now Jim was looking down at a pool of his brothers excrement and too Jim's dismay it was a diarrhea mess.

Jims only option now was to escape. Jim didn't even wanna think about falling now. As Jim reached the opening to the diaper pail

  1. Jim was able to open it and climb out
  2. Jim tried to open it but couldn't and fell *squish*

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3/25/2013 12:49:35 AM

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