Infinite AR - Episode 26987

Jim ran into the plastic bag of the diaper pail, his makeshift climbing gear not sticking as he fell down the damp, dank darkness of the diaper pail. He landed in an open wet diaper as she groaned, thankful for not landing in anything worse.

He quickly threw the diaper tab invention, beginning to break down and mope. Was he going to spend the rest of his life in this diaper pail? What would happen if he couldn't get out before his mom changed the bags? Would he be spending the rest of his life in a landfill?

He shrugged off the thoughts, crawling around in the wet diaper, trying to think of a way out. He pouted unhappily, before he looked up, realizing his diaper tabs were stuck on another diaper. Maybe they wouldn't stick to the plastic lining on the pail, but the diapers?

He slipped his arm through the makeshift device and began to climb upwards through all the balled diapers.He emerged on the warmth of the one uptop as he sat to try and think again...

  1. Wait for more diapers to climb.
  2. Mope more.
  3. Look for the pendant.

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7/11/2013 10:07:42 PM

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