Like Spiderman, but stinkier

Infinite AR - Episode 26986

"SUCCESS" Jim shouted as his homemade device clung to the side of the diaper pail. With that, Jim started his climb to escape his prison of used diapers. Jim was nearly to the top of the pail now when he thought to himself 'finally my luck is changing'.

Unfortunately for Jim luck decided to kick him strait in the gonads as Jim overheard his mom and brother walked back into the room. "PEE YOU, you sure did a number on lunch" his mom said to which his brother only giggled. 'Oh god no' Jim thought as his mom started to change his brothers messy diaper. Jim just stood there still to the wall so he wouldn't get hit by the diaper on it's way down. All Jim could do now was hope

  1. Jims mom didn't ball the diaper up, giving Jim extra incentive to not fall
  2. Jims tapes un-stick from the wall and Jim is pinned beneath his brothers messy daiper
  3. Jims tapes un-stick from the wall and Jim is crushed beneath his brothers messy diaper

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3/25/2013 12:23:50 AM

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