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Infinite AR - Episode 26950

As Jim started to inhale more of the disgusting smells of his brothers waste, Jim decided it was time to leave. Outside of the diaper pail, Jim could overhear his mom and his baby brother playing in the nursery. "Ok I've had enough of this" Jim said as he grabbed the medallion around his neck to make his wish. Suddenly the entire pail was rocked hard so hard that Jim lost his balance and landed face down on the diaper below him. This violent shock caused Jim to let go of the Medallion as it flew to the corner of the pail and it slid all the way to the bottom of the pail.

"NOOO" Jim screamed as he crawled to the where the medallion fell down. Jim soon found out that it was to narrow for Jim to get climb down and retrieve the medallion because of all the used diapers that were in the pail

As Jim pounded his fist on the diaper he was on he overheard a conversation outside. "Sowey mommy" he heard his brother say "Oh it's ok sweetie no harm done, just almost knocked over your diapee pail. Come on let's get you lunch" his mom said as he heard the both of them walk out of the room. "YEAH NO HARM DONE, JUST THAT YOU SCREWED ME" Jim yelled in anger as he hit the side of the pail.

After 15 minutes of sulking Jim finally decided that the only way out of his stinky prison was to climb out. Jim thought to himself 'hmmm now let's see whats at my disposal he thought to himself as he couldn't help but to chuckle at the disposal part. Jim walked over to one side of a used diaper and went strait to the tabs. He ripped them off and got the sticky side of the tabs.

After an hour of working Jim had fashioned sticky excesseries on his hands and knee's, some of them however had brown stains because of his brothers unmentionables and how his mom folded it. "Ok jim, now or never" He said as he ran towards the side of the pail and.....

  1. He stuck to the side and started to climb
  2. He stuck for a second but then fell

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