The Waiting Game!

Infinite AR - Episode 26949

After realisetion hit him, Jim started to look at the pendent he had pick up from the case in the anteack/magic shop. 'Ah what is this?' Thought Jim as his fingers on his right hand brush over an ingraving on the back of the piece of jewlery. On the back it read ~ For whom so ever uses this item will have to wait a fortnight to be able to return back to the place from wence you have come from. ~ at see this Jim freaked since it ment he might not be able to be normal size until two weeks had past! He did not want to stay toy sized that long at all. 'What the hell do i do if i get out of the diaper pale?! Will i change back to my normal 4'5" foot tall size or not?! Could i be stuck this size long if i where to leave the pale?! i just don't know!' where the thoughts that danced in his head for a full two hours. It by about that time his baby brother Davey need messy diaper changed since lunch time had come and gone by now. "Davey you suck a stinky diaper but, yes you are!" said the two boys' mother as she put Davey on the changing table. "I wonder where your big brother is he should have got back three hours ago from the mall with that new pack of diapers for you. If i find out he used that money on one of those games of his again he is going to be back in diapers longer then you are." she says to Davey who was playing with one of his dino plushies. She was just pushing down on the foot to the pale when the phone rang ~ ring, ring, ring,.....~ she got to get just before the fourth ring. "Yes, who is it?" she asked.

  1. It was Jim (he remembered his cell phone was in his pockit)!
  2. It was the mall police (Jim was found dead in the restroom).
  3. It was Jim's GF (girl friend) calling to ask where Jim was.
  4. se
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Jeffery Gerber (I know been a while.)

6/17/2018 10:34:53 AM

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