Still Getting Younger

Infinite AR - Episode 26905

Jim looked at the now newborn Angelica and was getting a little weary. He knows he used the random age option to make her regress to a random age. Now the fashion designer in her thirties is an incredibly young baby now more then a few days old. It scares him because she’s as young enough as she is. He hopes that the regression would be finished, as she couldn’t get much younger then that. But just as he thought of that, he looked at the window and noticed that something was off.

In Angelica’s room, she was sleeping peacefully in her newborn form, sucking her thumb and moaning in a babyish tone. It’s just minutes ago that she was a professional fashion designer. Now she’s a small baby that was just born without a care in the world. It was like there are a lot of possibilities for her to accomplish when she grows older. Yet she has no clue on what really happened since she grew younger in a moment’s notice. She doesn’t even have a clue that it was Jim, the next-door neighbor, that used the age remote to change her age at random. As she was sleeping peacefully her body quivered as she was getting a little cold. What is really happening is that her body was getting younger, passing her newborn stage.

The moment Angelica started to grow younger, all of her newborn clothes vanished off her body, leaving her completely naked cold. Her body grew smaller as her skin took on a light color of red. The remaining hair on her head shrank into her skin, leaving her completely bald. Her body was getting colder as she automatically curled up into a ball for warmth. Her arms and legs grew smaller while her head was starting to get bigger. And to top it all off, her belly button started to feel soar as her umbilical cord grew out of it and wriggled around like that of a snake. Soon enough, little Angelica is starting to enter her fetus stage and is still grown smaller as the seconds past.

Jim watched on in disbelief and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “No, no no!!!” he said in a panic, “Don’t grow any younger!” He was scared for his life as he saw Angelica growing younger through her prebirth stages. What’s going to happen to poor Angelica next?

  1. She regressed to nothingness
  2. She's now an Embryo
  3. She's now a Sperm and Egg
  4. A Random Woman Appears and is Pregnant
  5. Her Own Mother Appeared and is Pregnant

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