The physical regression complete, little Alicia's home

Infinite AR - Episode 26903

Angelina's regression, thankfully, seems to have stopped at only a couple of days from birth. Wrapped snugly in a newborn's diaper and blanket, the dozing baby looks perfectly content in her infantile world, laying in a fetal position on the floor in front of the mirror. One of her tiny hands reaches up as she sleeps, finding her mouth with its thumb, but otherwise she is perfectly still, curled up and sleeping on the floor.

Jim, from his vantage point in the treehouse, was able to breathe at least a bit better now that he was pretty sure the woman would not disappear into pre-birth, but the situation was still pretty dangerous. He wondered how much her newborn age might affect her adult thought processes and mental state -- and he wasn't too optimistic, after seeing how quickly adults and teens had seemed to succumb to the mental effects of the ray so far. From here, he couldn't get a good shot to try growing the baby Angelina back up since she was so tiny. Her tiny baby's body was too small to see clearly enough from here. He had two choices -- either to get into the house somehow and return Angelina to her proper age (and hopefully bring her adult mind back with it) or to simply chalk this up to a learning experience and get out of the general vicinity for a bit as her young daughter and husband would eventually find her wailing in the master bedroom. As long as he could reasonably expect not to get caught in the act of progressing Angelina back to adulthood, Jim figured he probably should as the entire thing was kind of his fault. Plus, he hadn't thought this through very well...they'd probably immediately suspect the next-door neighbor, and he didn't need his age ray getting any more attention than it already does...

Just as he was about to hop down from the treehouse and sneak into his neighbor's house to see if he could progress her back to her original age, though, he noticed a school bus up the block -- and that Angelina's five-year-old daughter Alicia was skipping down the sidewalk from afternoon Kindergarten and only a few moments from her front door. "Shit," Jim muttered to himself. This was going to complicate things a bit. Luckily, baby Angelina still seemed to be snoozing, and probably would be for awhile, so Alicia may not notice her infantilized mother for a bit. Her husband, though, could be back at any time -- and he'd most likely figure it out real quick. Jim thought about his options. Maybe he could make the little Kindergartner a lot littler for a few minutes so that she wouldn't think to question why her next door neighbor needed to get into her mommy's bedroom -- that would buy him the time to get in and out, as long as Angelina's mind returned as easily as it had completely disappeared.

Jim had to think quick about how to handle this problem and try to fix what he had done. Alicia was just heading up her front drive towards the house, but he had a clear line-of- sight to her still. He couldn't think of a better idea, except maybe to leave the former mother and wife to grow up again from day one. He made some adjustments to the age ray to switch it from random age to newborn and took aim at the little girl before she was able to get into the house.

  1. Jim fired at little Alicia.
  2. Jim went into his house and left Angelina a newborn baby.

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